Leading Innovation in Aging Services

Cantata is a family of organizations focused on leading the innovation that will enable Americans to live their best lives as they age. The overarching goal of our organizations is to facilitate active, purpose-driven and harmonious living while we pursue and realize a new vision of aging.

As the perspective and priorities of the massive Baby Boomer generation begin to redefine the nature of later life, our resources will evolve accordingly. While we will continue to dedicate ourselves to serving our current customers' needs, at the same time, we will keep an eye to the horizon and prepare to embrace and accommodate this seismic cultural shift.

From providing new ways to deliver and arrange services in the home and putting older adults and their families at center stage, to leading innovation in the aging services industry and inspiring cross-industry collaboration with technology providers and others, Cantata aspires to lead the way in changing how aging and aging care services are experienced in America.

The Cantata Family of Companies

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