Become an instrumental partner in the Cantata community.

There’s a revolution taking place in aging, driven by new insights into the aging process, medical advances and a vast, liberating cultural shift in attitudes about later life. Come join us as Cantata helps create the future of aging by embracing a more enlightened, holistic, compassionate and fulfilling view of the possibilities that await us all in later life.

Why Cantata Is Right For You.

Regardless of your professional focus, one of your goals is to work in an environment that allows you to do your best work, in an energized culture that values people over procedure and actively invites suggestions, input, and most of all - innovation. Because you want to work with people who find fulfillment - and fun - in impacting the lives of older adults, you won’t find a more ideal setting to pursue your professional goals than Cantata.

Are You Right For Cantata?

Are you a forward thinking, empathetic people person? Are you a passionate, committed professional? Has it been your experience that the more regard you have for those you work with and serve, the more rewarding your job becomes? If you believe you can help deliver an innovative experience to our clients and fellow work partners, we hope you’ll lend your voice to Cantata’s growing chorus.

Click here to view our current career opportunities. 

Click here to view our current career opportunities.