Cantata Mission Statement

Cantata orchestrates innovative solutions, services and connections for adults and their families as they seek to achieve their best lives.

Reinventing Adult Services for the Future

As the perspective and priorities of the massive Baby Boomer generation begin to redefine the nature of later life, our resources will evolve accordingly. While we will continue to dedicate ourselves to serving our current customers' needs, at the same time, we will keep an eye to the horizon and prepare to embrace and accommodate this seismic cultural shift.

Cantata Adult Life Services


What does your best life look like? 

Cantata is composed of an ensemble of interrelated, life-enhancing services delivered in concert by a staff of specialists in the promise and possibilities of life after 55.

Cantata Fitness Services >

Your best life starts with a body that moves with ease and comfort. Our highly qualified and certified fitness trainers specialize in training adults 55+, helping improve strength, balance, flexibility, cardiovascular and aerobic capacity and endurance.

Cantata Lifelong Learning >

We offer a rich and varied Lifelong Learning curriculum, both on and off campus. Whether you'd like to learn a foreign language or become a better cook, discover the fascinating world of gemstones or learn how to better use your computer, we've got topics of all types covered.

Cantata Handymen & Home Improvement Services >

Throughout Cantata you'll find an abiding respect for the strongly felt desire to continue to live independently. Developing new and better ways to ensure you love where and how you live is what Cantata is all about.

Cantata Tech Support >

Cantata Tech Support Guides teach adults 55+ how to use technology in a fun, friendly, and reassuring way.

Cantata Living Options >

While our clients may no longer work at a job full time, "retirement" sounds passive and static. How can you "re-tire" when you're not tired to begin with?

Cantata at Home >

Cantata offers professional caregiving and case management services to help clients maintain autonomy and enjoy life at home.

Cantata Rehabilitation >

Work with our well-orchestrated, highly qualified Cantata team consisting of physician specialists, registered nurses, physical and occupational therapists, as well as speech-language therapists, fitness coaches and dietitians.